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To REM Applications and thanks for visiting us. This site contains information about this new app called BEON and the company behind it.

With BEON you can manage all your important documents and bills to be paid. The same goes for your maintenance activities. All that can be registered in this handy app. You can store all your important papers in your mobile phone. Driving license, permits, subscriptions, contracts, certificates, insurances and many more. This app will notify you of a document about to expire, a bill waiting to be paid and a maintenance job to be taken care of. This makes it easy for you to keep track of all the important this to be done to avoid hardships.

All stored documents and information remain only and exclusively in your mobile phone. When stored there is no internet connection needed for access to the documents and information. The secured entry to the app with a 4 digit code and/or face ID prevents unauthorized access and unauthorized use of your documents and valuable information.

All documents of your choice can be stored. It’s up to you what register in the app. However the documents entered into this app are not supposed to substitute the real official documents. The mere function of the app is to make it easy for you to keep track of the expiration dates of your so important documents, paying dates for your bills and maintenance work to be done. We predict a complete shift to digital official documents in your mobile phone in the very near future.

From now on you will not be surprised by an expired document. So there is no need to drop everything you are busy with to have it renewed. Having all your documents valid, your contracts timely renewed and subscriptions you no longer need terminated before automatic prolongation, can prevent discomfort and stress, save you valuable time and lots of money.  The same goes for your maintenance programs.

It is of great importance to have all your documents and contracts up to date. We also predict that all official documents will be delivered in a digital manner within 5 to 10 years. Installing this app is therefore a step into the near future.

BEON is a product of “REM Applications” a division of “Advocatenpraktijk mr. Russel E. Martis B.V., dba “REM Advocaten“, a law firm with the aim to make available technology work to your advantage and satisfaction. Design and production of this app was in cooperation with “Endpoint B.V.” in the Netherlands.


  1. How to enter data into the app?

Press the plus sign in the circle on your screen and fill in the data according to the fill-in sequence. When ready scan your document or pick up your document from your photo file on your mobile phone and name it. When ready save the data entered by pressing save.

You can also click on a pdf document stored in your mobile phone  and send it to the app. It doesn’t mind if the app is secured with a code. By entering the code the document will be entered into the app.

2. What happens to the data you entered into the app?

The data collected in the app stays ONLY in the app in your mobile phone and will NOT be transferred to a data server, unless you want a backup to prevent data loss. In that case, you can use the backup facility of Apple iCloud or Google Drive.

3. Does the app have access to other apps in my mobile phone?

In order to pick up a document from your photo library in your mobile phone, you must grant the app access to your library. A copy will be placed in the app. It is optional though. In order to register the dates for the renewal of your documents access must also be granted to your calendar app. This is also optional. You will receive notifications from the app to renew your documents two months and one month prior to the cancellation date.

4. How to delete a document and all its data?

Search for the document. When found click on the title and drag it to the left until “delete” appears on your screen. Keep dragging all the way to the left and the document including its data will be deleted.

5. How to search for a document?

Tap the symbol of the magnifying glass at the top of your screen, fill in the input bar and select the document.

6. Is registration or signing in needed to use the app?

No registration nor signing in is needed. You only have to download the app. It is free for the first three items you want to store in the app. If you want to enter more items you must buy the application.

7. Is there a trail period?

You can use the app free up to a total of 3 documents entered and saved in the app. If you want to enter more documents you have to buy the app.

8. How can I buy this app?

You can download the free version and save up to 3 documents of your choice. If you want to enter more documents you must buy the full version. Click on “buy the full version” and fill in your data to make the purchase. After the transaction the full version will be available.

9. How do I delete a “type” from the document’s type list?

Select any document. Go to the type window, open the type list, select the “type” to be deleted and drag it to the far left of your screen and the “type” will be deleted from the type list.

10. How about the maintenance and further development of the app?

Maintenance is provided by updates to keep the app working properly. With updates the app will also be improved at no additional costs.

11. How do I make a backup of the documents and information?

A backup is made provided you use the backup facility in combination with of “Apple cloud” and/or “Google Drive”. In that case the data will not remain only on your mobile phone.

12. How do I secure the entry of this app?

You must switch to secured entry in the settings section by entering a 4 digits pin code and confirm it. You can also use face ID to get access to the app.

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